Sunrise on the walls (Treviso)
Swans on Sile river (Treviso)
I Buranelli (Treviso)
I Buranelli (Treviso)
Jetty in Sant'Elena di Silea
Rowing on the Sile river
Sant'Elena towards Casier (Silea)
Sunset at Sile's river mouth 3 - Photo by Gianfranco Speranza
Villa Corner Regina (Vedelago)
Villa Lattes (Istrana)
Villa Valier Battaggia (Silea)
A calendar of events that feels like a personal invitation. To live unforgettable moments in a place full of magic
Discovering Sile
For families
A nature park where you will make friends with herons and owls, where you will run in the open air, with the Venetian villas telling the past history. A precious discovery treasure for children!
For sport
Canoeing, running and bike-riding surrounded by nature, horse-riding in breathtaking landscapes, Nordic Walking and long walks along with the swans inhabiting the river undisturbed. For moments you will never forget
Wine and food excellence
This is the land of the Prosecco, of the Radicchio Trevisano, of the Badoere asparagus, of the creamed salt cod and of Tiramis├╣. Every corner offers visitors holiday farms and typical taverns where you will find the ancient tastes of the local dishes. Don't miss the opportunity to discover Sile's delicacies!
About art
and culture
Palladio's architecture, Lotto's masterful painting, Altino museum's history and archaeology, the literary expression of the Galateo by Monsignor della Casa. Plenty of surprises are waiting for you