Wine and food

Sile's gastronomy is mostly connected with a territory where Treviso's cooking prevails, since it is experiencing a glorious moment in all the greatest international events. Eating in the style of Venetia means, by now, eating in the style of Treviso; radicchio, asparagus, cheese, prosecco, and all the typical products have been going beyond the national borders for a long time, becoming interesting and surprising even the most demanding tastes.
Recognized as one of the best ones on a national level, Treviso's cooking expresses itself thanks to the high level achieved by many local restaurant owners, who want to represent at table the considerable value characterizing this territory's best tradition: the ability to turn raw material into high-quality products.
Despite its humble origins, the variety of Treviso's gastronomy is a pleasant surprise: the famous scholar from Treviso Giuseppe Mazzotti - one of the first who pointed out this vital feature of the Venetian culture - proposed a new point of view concerning the facts of the "Marca Trevigiana" (March of Treviso), understanding the community's cultural identity through wine and food: simple and daily gestures like cooking are important expressions of people's knowledge and of the know-how-to-live art.  
Giuseppe Mazzotti, the "gastrosopher" Giuseppe Maffioli and Alfredo Beltrame - founder of the "El Toulà" restaurant chain - have been extraordinary and passionate witnesses of the places, typical products and wines of the "gioiosa et amorosa" (joyful and amorous) Marca Trevigiana, tenaciously contributing to spread, hand down, urge, propose and promote Treviso's cooking and ecological traditions in Italy and all over the World.
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